Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing - Pain Level, Types, Jewelry, Infection, Cost, Aftercare

Learn all about Tragus piercing pain level, Procedure for tragus piercing, Vertical tragus piercing, Surface Tragus Piercing, Double Tragus Piercing, Anti Tragus Piercing, Tragus Piercing Hurt bad, Tragus Piercing pain with Needles or Gun, Tragus Piercing Jewelry, Infected Tragus Piercing, Tragus Piercing Healing Time/Recovery, Tragus Piercing Aftercare, Tragus Piercing Cost, Celebrities with Tragus Piercing.

This is a new sort of body modification for the fans. To be honest, it isn’t much different from others. All the fuzz around it is because it’s a bit new as compared to others. It involves the tragus of your ear. The practice was started ten years ago, and it slowly became popular with the masses. Since its introduction, it has been changed, and new options were introduced for it. Today, it’s not only popular with Goth, EMO, and other subcultures but also with students and job holders. This type of piercing doesn’t make it mark from a long distance.



1. What is a Tragus Piercing
2. How is Tragus Piercing Done (Procedure) 
2.1 Tragus Piercing Steps
2.2 Tragus Piercing with Needles
2.3 Tragus Piercing with Gun 
3. Vertical Tragus Piercing
4. Surface Tragus Piercing
5. Double Tragus Piercing
6. Anti Tragus Piercing
7. Does Tragus Piercing Hurt
8. Tragus Piercing Pain
9. Tragus Piercing Pain Level 
9.1 Vertical Tragus Piercing Pain
9.2 Surface Tragus Piercing pain
9.3 Double Tragus Piercing pain
9.4 Anti Tragus Piercing pain
9.5 Tragus Piercing pain with Needles
9.6 Tragus piercing pain with Gun
10. Tragus Piercing Jewelry
10.1 Tragus Piercing Studs
10.2 Tragus Piercing Rings
10.3 Tragus Piercing Barbells
11. Infected Tragus Piercing
12. Tragus Piercing Healing Time/Recovery
13. Tragus Piercing Aftercare
14. Tragus Piercing Cost
15. Tragus Piercing Precautions
16. Celebrities with Tragus Piercing

1. What is a Tragus Piercing

This is new perforation of tragus in front of the ear canal. It is done for the sole purpose to insert and wear different pieces of jewelry. The piercing is made of small gauge hollow piece needle. The story doesn’t end here; the jewelry is in small diameter captive bead ring or even the small gauge post style piercing. A related piercing is known as the anti-tragus piercing. This has become very popular practice nowadays. It first started in 2005, but back then, only a few people were comfortable with the concept. In those times, only hard core body modification fans resorted to this new type of modification.

2. How is Tragus Piercing Done?

Various things dictate the steps. First, it’s to choose a professional. Later on, it’s to choose your method, whether you want to get them done by needles or a gun. This choice will be followed by safety and sanitation. The professional will take care of supplies. The process will begin with sterilization of everything and safety measures.

Cork will be placed behind Tragus to line it up perfectly. Now the expert will press the needle or gun straight through tragus and leave it there for ten minutes. Later he will place the earring, which will be there for 4-6 weeks.

2.1 Tragus Piercing Steps

  1. The steps are explained in details as following
  2. Clean your ears and dry them off perfectly
  3. Choose between gun or needle to proceed
  4. Place a cork behind your tragus; it will line up everything perfectly
  5. Softly push through the needle or gun through the tragus, do it in one stroke, don’t stop or it will make things worse
  6.  Leave the needle there for 10-15 minutes
  7. Thread the point of tearing into hollow needle to guide the ornament into your ear
  8. Clean up any blood with antiseptic and sterilize the wound
  9. Leave the earring for 4-6 weeks
  10. Watch out for infections 

2.2 Tragus Piercing with Needles

Choose the right needle. A sewing needle won't does the job; only piercing needles will come handy. Make sure the needle is hollow and is one size bigger than the earring. It's better if the needle is curved. Sterile it before uses.

2.3 Tragus Piercing with Gun

An easy way professional but can be a pain for is getting it done. Needles are preferred over guns. Guns will need to stretch the ornament to make it fit, and it takes more time. Moreover, gun piercing hurts more than the needle one and these are not as accurate as needles.

3. Vertical Tragus Piercing

Vertical Tragus Piercing is the perforation of tragus made vertically right at the edge. Unlike other piercing, this runs through the small fold of cartilage, and it comes out on the same side. It is all known as side burn piercing, and it goes well with properly developed tragus. It is known to hurt more than the usual tragus piercing. It’s better to support curved barbells because ball closure rings and labret studs won’t fit here. It is a new type of piercing, and it has become very popular among girls. This tragus Piercing is better suited with simple jewelry.

4. Surface Tragus Piercing

This is identical to vertical piercing. The only difference is surface tragus piercing doesn’t go through the cartilage completely. It traverses through the cartilage flesh without reaching the inner part of cartilage. To be honest, it's hard to tell the difference apart from vertical piercing just by seeing them. This piercing gets done in a moment and its convenient as compared to the prior one. Surface Tragus Piercing allows for a broader range of jewels. It lets the user wear studs because they can fit the difference now.

5. Double Tragus Piercing

There is a misconception about Double Tragus Piercing that its painful and much harder as compared to single piercing.  The fact is, at first, the healing and swelling seems worse but after a bit, it all seems to be the same. As things go for the earbud, it depends on the anatomy of a person getting the job done on himself.  In most cases, the earbuds can be used when tragus perfectly heals from the double piercing.  The procedure is very basic. Clean up the ear, ready up the tragus and put the needle in. the jewelry insertion will be uncomfortable, but it will be all right after a while.

6. Anti-Tragus Piercing

This is a new style of ear piercing loved by young people. The Anti-Tragus Piercing perforation of cartilage fold adjacent to lobe and tragus. It is a distinctive body modification and does a great job at expressing your personality. This is a bit complicated. Therefore, you need to make sure you found the perfect professional to get the work done. The process is very basic, clean the ear, adjust the area and struck in the needle but aftercare is much complex. It can take 8-18 weeks to heal.

7. Does Tragus Piercing Hurt

You are putting a needle in your skin, yes it hurts. But, according to the word out here, it doesn’t hurt like hell. To give you a better idea of how bad it hurts, just its not as bad as navel or nose piercing. you can reduce the pain Furthermore if you get the job done by a well trained professional. Tragus has only a few nerve ending, and there is less blood flow here. Therefore it won't hurt much. It will feel like a sharp pinch or pain of a small cut. In simple words, it is negligible.

8. Tragus Piercing Pain

To give you a better insight on how much it will hurt, we are using the pain chart. With thehelp of a scale of 1-10, where one is not painful, and ten means it hurts like hell. The tragus piercing pain is between 3 and 4. This clearly shows that the pain is mild, and it’s below than average. This is the reason we said it is a small pinch or pop as the needle goes through tragus. So, the pain is dull, and it won’t last for long. You may face a bit more pain if your cartilage is thicker.

9. Tragus Piercing Pain Level

The pain of Tragus Piercing on a scale of 1-10 where 1 means nothing and 10meanworst. The tragus piercing pain level is between 3-4. This means it’s not something you can’t bear. The pain is sharp and quick. It won’t last for long so you don’t need to worry.

9.1 Vertical Tragus Piercing Pain

This hurts way more as compared to the regular tragus piercing. Before you make any decision, you should learn a few things about vertical tragus piercing. Getting to the point, on the scale of 1-10, the vertical piercing will hurt you between 4-7. This rise is because there will be two channels on your tragus. So it will hurt worse.

9.2 Surface Tragus Piercing Pain

It is far more painful as compared to other piercing via tragus. The pain level exceeds vertical piercing. On a scale of 1-10, the surface tragus piercing will cause 6-8. It’s much higher as compared to other types of tragus piercing. This is because the location of piercing is changed and it’s done on a bit sensitive part of the ear. Therefore, you will need to watch out and prepare to feel the heat.

9.3 Double Tragus Piercing Pain

This is rumored to cause a lot of suffering. However, the truth is another way around. Double tragus piercing sure sounds fancy, and it can scare away people who are not familiar with tragus piercing. The truth is far simpler. It doesn’t hurt much. To be specific, the double tragus piercing pain will only be a short, sharp scratchy pain. The jewelry insertion will be the most difficult part. However, the pain will end soon enough.

9.4 Anti-Tragus Piercing Pain

Due to the fact it is cartilage piercing, it will invoke pain, but people who have a high threshold of pain won’t feel much. As with most piercing, the pierced area will bleed, and it will soon become crusty. On a scale of 1-10, the pain of anti-tragus piercing is somewhere between 5-7. Frankly, this is not the worst because there are a few alternatives, which will hurt worse.

9.5 Tragus Piercing pain with Needles

The needle is the ideal way for tragus piercing. This is recommended for some reasons. It is precise and gets the job done perfectly. Smaller ornaments of jewelry can be used with this. It gets the job done quickly as compared to gun and it causes less pain.Let’s say on the scale of 1-10, the needle will cause only 3-4, this is admirable.

Tragus Piercing pain with Needles

9.6 Tragus piercing pain with Gun

There is no surprise that piercing gun is not suggested for tragus piercing. There is a long list of reasons for why you should avoid it. It’s not very precise and can cause trouble in piercing. You may not get the result you want with piercing guns. Novice mostly uses these and amateurs who wants to get the job done as soon as possible. Only experienced and caring experts use needles. So if someone suggests the use of gin, don’t trust them for such information.

Tragus piercing pain with Gun

10. Tragus Piercing Jewelry

There are different types of jewelry used in tragus piercing. The most common variants are barbells, captive bead rings, and earring studs. These are not much different from other types of piercing around the area. Moreover, if you are interested, you can find a lot of variety of such jewelry.

10.1 Tragus Piercing Studs

Better call earring studs, among the many options that people have for a tragus piercing. This remains a prominent one. This offers a lot of variety as compared to other jewels used for piercing and it offers a lot of different decorative options and materials.  Gold and aluminum are a few popular materials.

Tragus Piercing Studs

10.2 Tragus Piercing Rings

For the modification fans, the option of piercing rings is also available.  These are preferred as they come in a wide array of styles to choose. The different types of rings are beaded, barbell, segment and much more. These offer a subtle touch, like studs but are distinctive by comparison.

Tragus Piercing Rings

10.3 Tragus Piercing Barbells

If you are an exhibitionist by nature than this may be the perfect choice for you. The barbells are excellent in case you indent to show the wild side of your nature. These are exotic and come in a wide variety of different designs as well as patterns, which offer a catchy look.

Tragus Piercing Barbells

11. Infected Tragus Piercing

There are some cases where the tragus piercing has become infected. This was all due to the lack of care during the healing process. Whenever the tragus becomes infected, it becomes clear in an instance. A small boil or some scar named as keloid forms up in the area. The tragus itself can become red and swollen. It may bleed a yellow or green discharge or can be smelly.

There are many ways to treat infected tragus. Experts recommend washing it with warm water and tea tree oil. Do not remove the jewelry yourself and infection will continue. It is suggested that you visit a dermatologist to get it checked out.

12. Tragus Piercing Healing Time/Recovery  


Tragus piercing healing time or recovery depends upon your current health condition like if you have diabetes or some auto-immune disease then it is most likely to have slow healing process means more time required to heal. Similarly if you piercing wound becomes infected then you have to wait more than enough or even in some cases you have to start some antibiotic therapy to aid the healing process. Normally, healing process takes about 4-7 days to make it completely dry and intact.

13. Tragus Piercing Aftercare

Taking care of tragus piercing when it heals is the most important part. Proper care helps for successful piercing, and it cuts the time of healing process. If you fail to care for your piercing, it may be rejected, migrate or even are infected. Fortunately, these are low maintenance piercing. Therefore, be share you clean and adjust them at least twice a day.  Wash your hands and clean the piercing and surrounding area with a cotton ball soaked in a saline solution.

14. Tragus Piercing Cost

The cost of tragus Piercing depends on some things. Where you live and where you get the job done from are just starters. Moreover, are you hiring a highly experienced professional or just someone novice?  Everything accounted for, the price for tragus Piercing can be somewhere between $15-$50. Last, by not last, the type of jewelry you choose dictates this.

15. Tragus Piercing Precautions

To stop rejection, you need to take proper care. Make sure you get the job by a well-qualified expert. The appropriate jewelry cuts out chances of rejection. Jewelry made of glass or titanium has lower rejection rate as compared to steel. Small gauges increase the chance of rejection. Therefore, choose a large gauge. The ideal gauge size for tragus piercing 19G. Double check the placement to make sure the depth is right.

16. Celebrities with Tragus Piercing

Although it was introduced back in 2005, this has become one of the hottest trends of the moment. It won’t be wrong to say that tragus piercing a late bloomer. Anyhow, the following are the names of celebrities who support this body modification with pride.

•    Candice Swanepoel with Tragus Piercing

 Candice Swanepoel with Tragus Piercing

•    Rihanna with Tragus Piercing

 Rihanna with Tragus Piercing

•    Scarlett Johansson with Tragus Piercing

Scarlett Johansson with Tragus Piercing

•    Lucy Hale with Tragus Piercing

Lucy Hale with Tragus Piercing

•    Pink with Tragus Piercing

Pink with Tragus Piercing

•    Shenae Grimes with Tragus Piercing

Shenae Grimes with Tragus Piercing

•    Leona Lewis with Tragus Piercing

 Leona Lewis with Tragus Piercing

•    Kelis with Tragus Piercing

Kelis with Tragus Piercing

•    Shannon Elizabeth with Tragus Piercing

Shannon Elizabeth with Tragus Piercing

•    Nicole Richie with Tragus Piercing

Nicole Richie with Tragus Piercing

•    Nikki Reed with Tragus Piercing

Nikki Reed with Tragus Piercing

•    Alia Shawkat with Tragus Piercing

Alia Shawkat with Tragus Piercing
Helix Piercing

Helix Piercing - Double helix, Forward Helix, Triple Helix, Triple Forward Helix

Helix piercing involves the perforation of helix part of ear. Helix is the upper ear cartilage which is done for the purpose of wearing jewelry. A small gauge needle which is hollow from inside is used for making hole. Jewelry used in helix piercing should be of small diameter like captive bead rings and studs. Two helix piercing at a time is named as industrial piercing and barbells are used in it. Helix part of ear contains no or less nerve endings so person will feel less pain during perforation. But pain level vary from person to person.

Helix piercing - Double helix, Forward Helix, Triple Helix, Triple Forward Helix

Double Helix Piercing

Double helix piercing contains two perforations one after the other. 2nd helix piercing is performed just below the 1st one. 2nd helix piercing requires complete healing of 1st one. Jewelry is selected according to piercing i.e. small sized jewelry like captive bead rings and studs. Double helix piercing is becoming popular day by day. Sometimes a single piece of jewelry is passed from both piercing holes and it is then called as industrial piercing. Men and women are equally taking interest in helix piercing. Helix piercing is the 2nd most popular ear piercing after ear lobe piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is performed on curved outer side of ear which is parallel to ear canal. This curved part is known as forward helix. It is made up of cartilage. It is a type of helix piercing and can be performed multiple times i.e. double and triple helix piercing. Forward helix piercing is performed the same way as simple helix piercing is performed. Pain level is also similar in both piercing because these both locations consist of cartilage (having no or less nerve endings). Helix piercing may take about 3 to 6 months to heal completely.

Triple Helix Piercing

Triple helix piercing is consist of three perforations one after the other. Every time before piercing person have to make sure about complete healing of previous piercing. Some people say that triple piercing is quite uncomfortable. It is performed the same way by which other helix piercings are performed. People have double and triple piercing mostly in western areas. Every time helix piercing hurts up to the same level. Some extra care is required in double and triple helix piercing because an infection in any piercing can affect other piercing holes too and it will be difficult to handle them.

Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Triple forward helix piercing involves three piercing on curved outer surface of ear. Piercings are performed one after the other. Triple forward helix piercing is less common among people but double forward helix piercing is more common. Previous piercings should be healed completely from inside out before next piercing is done. 2nd or 3rd piercing may not cause problem in previous piercing if infection do not occur. As infection can cause problems in other piercings too. Some people resemble it with conch piercing. Conch piercing is different from forward helix piercing because of location i.e. conch piercing involves inner part of curved surface.

Anti-Helix Piercing

Anti-helix piercing involves piercing at non-helix part of ear. Anti-helix piecing involves many types of ear piercing. Anti-helix part of ear consist of cartilage but is different from helix part of ear because it contains nerve endings in it. Because of presence of nerve endings, it will pain more as compared to helix piercing. Jewelry used in anti-helix piercing is curved barbells, circular barbells and rings. Healing time is almost same as required in helix piercing. Cost is another factor which makes it different and expensive from helix piercing because anti-helix piercing are difficult to perform.
Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing - Pain, Healing, Types, Jewelry, Cost, Aftercare

When piercing is performed on anti-helix part of ear it is known as rook piercing. People have rook piercing for wearing jewelry. The exact location is above the tragus present on the ridge which lies between the inner and outer conch. Piercing may pass from underside to the top of this ridge. It is different from other ear piercings because it does not lie between a front and back surface but it is performed exactly the way other ear piercings are performed. Rook piercing was 1st originated and popularized by Erik Dakota. He named rook piercing after his name as a shortest version.

Rook piercing - Pain, Healing, Types, Jewelry, Cost, Aftercare

Rook Piercing Pain Level and Scales

As compare to other body piercing, rook piercing is rated low on pain scale. It may hurt more than a normal ear lobe piercing but it is not that much painful as nipple piercing is. During piercing, person may feel a sharp pain sensation which is followed by dull and throbbing pain. This dull and throbbing pain will last for about couple of days. There may be tenderness and redness in pierced area. Some factors like sleeping on one side for long time and infection may make pain worse.

Rook Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Healing time is effected by many factors like immunity system, infection and other complications. People with rook piercing reported average time of healing round about 12 to 18 months. In this time period rook piercing gets heal completely from inside out. As healing time passes, pain intensity decreases. Healing time may become short i.e. less than a year if all the aftercare instructions are followed. Rook piercing takes long time to heal because it is not just skin, but cartilage bone is involved. So, time is required to heal rook piercing completely from inside.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

Rook piercing is different a bit from other body piercing so its jewelry is also different from others. Normally captive bead rings and curved barbells are used in rook piercing because of their small size. Rook piercing offers small space for jewelry so person feel comfortable in wearing small size jewelry. There are cute designs available in small jewelry. Other than captive bead rings and curved barbells people also try hoop earrings. Actually hoop earrings complement rook piercing. There is variety in material used in jewelry I.e. diamond based jewelry, heart shaped and rook piercing ring jewelry.

Rook Piercing Cost

Rook piercing requires a specific trick to perform. Only a professional can do it accurately. It is different from other body piercings because it does not pass from front surface to back surface of ear. It is performed vertically on anti-helix cartilage bone of ear. Normally it will cost around 35$ to 50$ in a professional parlor. Cost will vary area to area. Rook piercing cost high as compared to other body piercing. Cost of jewelry is also involved in total cost. Jewelry is charged according to material used in it i.e. diamond jewelry will cost high as compared to simple metallic jewelry.

Rook Piercing Aftercare

Rook piercing requires special care after piercing is done. Here are some aftercare instructions which should be followed:

  • Person should wash hand with an anti-bacterial soap before touching it.
  • Cleaning of pierced area is required thrice or four times a day with sea salt water solution.
  • Mild soap should be used to wash pierced area.
  • Disposable paper towel should be used to tap dry washed pierced area.
  • Exposure to perfumes and ointments should be reduced.
  • Avoid using head phones or ear phones.
  • Try to keep your hair away from piercing.

Rook Piercing Infection

Rook piercing involves cartilage bone and is more prone to infections. Viruses and bacteria can attack it easily. So, proper aftercare is required to avoid occurrence of infection and other complications. Excessive redness, soreness, pain and sometimes pus discharge shows the presence of an infection. Infection increases the intensity of pain. Occurrence of infection delays the healing process and increase healing time. Rejection and migration are the complications normally seen with rook piercing infection. If swelling and pain and soreness persist for longer period of time, person should rush to nearby piercing parlor to get his/her jewelry removed.

Faux Rook Piercing

Faux rook piercing is a type of rook piercing. In faux piercing, a single perforation is performed which passes cartilage horizontally and comes out from back surface of ear. It resembles conch piercing. The exact location for faux root piercing is above the inner ridge. People prefer faux rook piercing to wear cute little stud jewelry. It is becoming popular day by day and youth is attracted towards it because of its cute look. Fake jewelry of faux rook piercing is also available in market for those, who are afraid of pain occur during piercing.

Rook Piercing and Tragus Piercing

Root piercing and tragus piercing are different at location. As root piercing is performed above tragus and tragus piercing involved tragus part. Perforation is made immediately in front of ear canal in tragus piercing. Jewelry style for these two piercing is same i.e. small sized jewelry (captive bead rings). Studs are common to use in both piercing. Tragus piercing is not as painful as rook piercing because there are no rick network of nerves in tragus. Contrary to it, root piercing is performed on nerve rich area. Cost or price of both piercings will also differ.

Rook Piercing and Daith Piercing

Root piercing and daith piercing are different from each other. Root piercing is performed on non-helix part of ear i.e. upper portion of tragus while daith piercing is performed on outer cartilage portion i.e. helix part of ear. Cost and pain level is also different in both piercing. Healing time is different as daith piercing will heal soon as compare to rook piercing. Chances of infection in both piercing is same and aftercare instructions should be followed in both piercing equally. People are having daith piercing on increased rate as compare to rook piercing.
Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing - Types, Pain, Healing, Jewelry, Cost, Aftercare

Conch piercing is a type of ear piercing which involves cartilage. It is performed for the purpose of wearing jewelry. Conch piercing is derived from a name which resembles sea creature shell. Conch is the outer part of ear cartilage and looks like sea creature shell. It is a simple process as compared to other body piercings. Conch piercing is considered non-invasive. Piercer should clean ear cartilage with disinfectant to avoid any infection and then pierce the needle right through the cartilage. There are two main types of conch piercing i.e. inner conch piercing and outer conch piercing.

Conch Piercing - Types, Pain, Healing, Jewelry, Cost, Aftercare

Inner Conch Piercing

Inner conch piercing is performed at the center of the ear. The exact location for piercing is cup shaped area which is present adjacent to ear canal. A professional is required to do it correctly. Inner conch piercing is less common as compared to outer conch piercing. Jewelry for both the types are same but inner conch piercing prefer rings upon studs and barbells. Rings look cooler. Person have to follow aftercare instructions to avoid infections. It is all up to person whether he is comfortable with inner conch or outer conch piercing. Pain level differs in both types.

Outer Conch Piercing

Outer conch piercing involves outer conch area which is flat. Located exactly between the edge i.e. helix part and ridge i.e. antihelix part of ear. Both types of conch piercing is performed the same way as other cartilage piercings are performed. There is an open space for outer conch piercing as compared to inner conch piercing. So marking is required before piercing. Mostly people prefer studs and rings than barbells. Aftercare instructions are same for both types of conch piercing. People with outer conch piercing rate less pain on pain scale as compared to inner conch piercing.

Double Conch Piercing

People with conch piercing do not find it painful so there are greater chances that they will go for double conch piercing. 2nd conch piercing is performed exactly the way it was performed 1st time. Person can have double conch piercing only after complete healing of 1st conch piercing. Pain level remains the same. Double conch piercing can be performed in both types i.e. inner and outer conch piercing. Outer double conch piercing is more common as compare to inner double conch piercing. Men and women are equally taking interest in having double conch piercing.

Triple Conch Piercing

Triple conch piercing is all like double conch piercing. A person can have multiple conch piercing one after the other. All three conch piercing cannot be performed at a time because person will not be able to bear pain and soreness and there will be great chances of infection. 2nd or 3rd conch piercing require complete healing of previous conch piercing. Triple conch piercing can be performed in both regions i.e. inner conch and outer conch. But inner conch is more common with triple conch piercing. Triple conch piercing will only become successful if proper care is provided to them.

Rook and Conch Piercing

Rook and conch piercing both involve cartilage but their locations are different. Rook piercing is performed on anti-helix part of ear which is present between inner and outer conch area whereas conch piercing is performed on conch which resembles sea creature shell. Rook piercing do not involve front and back surface piercing but it is performed vertically. In conch piercing, needle is passed right through cartilage and picked out from back surface. Pain level in both piercing is different. Cost factor and healing time will also vary according to type of piercing.

Conch Orbital Piercing

Conch orbital piercing is a type of conch piercing but it is performed perpendicular to regular conch piercing. In orbital conch piercing, two holes are made through which single piece of jewelry is passed. It most likely resembles industrial piercing in which jewelry is passed through two piercing holes. Main difference which separates it from industrial piercing is the type of jewelry. It is named as orbital piercing because of the orbital shape made by jewelry. Rings are common in it because rings can easily pass from both holes. It is the rarest type of ear piercing seen.

Conch Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Conch piercing takes about 6 months to 1 year for complete healing. It is a longer duration as compared to ear lobe piercing because there is less vascular network in cartilage. As blood circulation is considered the main factor behind fast healing, so less vascular network may be the reason behind that longer duration of healing. Healing time also depend upon infection (if occurs), skin type and aftercare of piercing. If proper care is provided to piercing, then healing time may become short i.e. less than 6 months. As healing time pass, pain and soreness also decreases.

Conch Piercing Pain Level and Scale

Conch piercing is a painful process but not more than other types of ear piercing. Inner conch piercing hurts more as compared to outer conch piercing. Soreness also persist for many days after piercing. Pain level or intensity can be reduced by using dermal punch for conch piercing. Dermal punch works by sudden piercing of jewelry right through the cartilage. Pain and soreness become less in dermal punch. Pain level also depends upon person stamina. Some people do not feel much pain but just a punch, but some reported unbearable pain regarding conch piercing.

Conch Piercing Cost

Conch piercing requires a professional to do it correctly. So conch piercing cost varies according to area, professional and jewelry used for piercing. Average cost of conch piercing is 45$ to 75$. Type of conch piercing also effect cost. 75$ is not the upper most cost limit because it may go higher. Elite class parlor will have different rate list as compared to a standard parlor. Type of jewelry and material of jewelry also effects cost of conch piercing. People should visit nearby parlor to get information about conch piercing cost.

Conch Piercing Aftercare

Conch piercing require special care after piercing to avoid occurrence of infection. Some of the aftercare instructions are as follows:

  • People should avoid touching ear frequently.
  • People have to avoid sleeping on the side of piercing.
  • Any kind of scratch may lead to soreness and swelling so, people have to protect ear piercing from any scratch.
  • If any injury occurs, people should visit doctor immediately, and apply ointment over it for faster recovery.
  • 2 to 6 months are required for complete healing so care should be continued for that time period.
  • Cleanliness is required with a mild soap and after every wash, dry it with a clean paper towel.
Tongue Piercing

Tongue Piercing - Types, Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Tongue piercing is common type of body piercing which is performed by making a hole through the center of tongue. Tongue piercing is commonly seen in western countries. It became popular in 2011 in both men and women. It is considered a safest way to get tongue piercing. In tongue piercing, needle is passed right through the center of tongue from below to upright position. Tongue piercing have many types according to its appearance. It is true that tongue piercing is becoming popular day by day but there are also some serious complications and risks associated with it.

Tongue Piercing - Types, Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Double Tongue Piercing

Double tongue piercing after tongue piercing is becoming popular. Person can have 2nd piercing only after complete healing of 1st tongue piercing. There are many complications and risks associated with tongue piercing and person have to go through them every time he got tongue piercing. Tongue piercing is only preferred by person who can tolerate pain.Healing time is very important in double tongue piercing. Men are more into double tongue piercing as compared to women. People have a distance of about half an inch between both tongue piercing. Sometimes it depends upon the type of tongue piercing performed.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Horizontal tongue piercing is a type of tongue piercing in which piercing is performed horizontally. It is the most risky type of tongue piercing because a number of nerves are present in tongue and horizontal tongue piercing can damage most of them. It is performed horizontally by passing needle from right side of tongue to left side right through center of tongue. It is the most painful from all other types of tongue piercing. Men are more involved in horizontal tongue piercing as compared to women. Horizontal tongue piercing is rare because of greater nerve damage.

Vibrating Tongue Piercing

Vibrating tongue piercing is a type of tongue piercing jewelry. It is of various shapes and selected on the basis of person comfort. Vibrating tongue piercing jewelry is available in glitter, swirls, marble pattern designs, disco balls, beach stripes and checkers. In the above mentioned styles, swirl, hearts and waves are selected as 1st option as vibrating tongue piercing. Vibrating tongue bars and vibrating tongue rings are two popular shapes of vibrating tongue piercing jewelry. It is preferred because vibrating tongue jewelry works as a micro massager. It is made up of surgical steel and battery operated.

Venom Tongue Piercing

Venom tongue piercing is a type of tongue piercing. In normal tongue piercing, there is one piercing right through the center of tongue but in venom tongue piercing, there are two piercings side by side in left and right position. Venom tongue piercing is closer to tip of tongue. Venom tongue piercing looks like snake’s teeth from which venom is transferred to host. That’s why it is named as venom tongue piercing. Snake bite piercing mostly resembles venom tongue piercing because of its appearance but in snake bite piercing, both piercing are attached under the lip not in tongue.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Snake eyes tongue piercing resembles venom tongue piercing. Snake eyes piercing is separated at lower lips. Basically snake eyes piercing is a lip piercing. It consist of two piercing side by side on lower lips heading outwards. There are two main types of snake piercing on the basis of jewelry i.e. ring piercing and labret stud piercing. Labret stud piercing is right in the middle of lower lips and studs are used as jewelry but in ring piercing, rings are used as jewelry. Snake eyes tongue piercing is expensive i.e. cost 80$ to 120$.

Scoop Tongue Piercing

Scoop tongue piercing like all above mentioned types, is a type of tongue piercing. But it is named as scoop piercing because of its jewelry. It is a horizontal tongue piercing in which needle is passed from right side of tongue and bring out from left side of tongue. Present in the center of tongue. The needle is followed by scoop shaped jewelry. Scoop tongue piercing do not allow jewelry to pass the tongue vertically but remains on surface. People with scoop tongue piercing are more comfortable as compared to venom and other horizontal tongue piercings.

Under Tongue Piercing

Under tongue piercing is also known as frenulum linguae piercing. In this type of tongue piercing, needle is passed through frenulum which is present just underneath the tongue. Under tongue piercing is not a comfortable piercing because it may cause injury on continuous touching with lower tongue area. Under tongue piercing is the rarest type of tongue piercing. Studs, barbells and rings are used as jewelry but rings are mostly preferred because barbells may cause injury. It also causes many problems in eating and talking. The healing time of under tongue piercing is long as compared to other tongue piercings.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue piercing jewelry selection totally depends upon the type of piercing. Barbells are used as initial jewelry because they are the safest. Size of jewelry and comfort level of person is considered while selecting jewelry. Thin shaped straight barbells may cause discomfort and irritation. Studs, rings and beads are also available in market. Every type of tongue piercing prefers different jewelry according to its appearance. Piercing is performed at 14 gauge but sometimes it can be reduced to 12 gauge or even 10 gauge and later may increase it by stretching. So the size of jewelry also increases.

Tongue Piercing Pain Level and Scale

Tongue piercing is considered the least painful piercing on pain scale. Some people rate it zero on pain scale (with upper limit 10). But pain level totally depends on person stamina. Mostly do not feel it happening because it hurt in the slightest. Pain intensity also depends upon the length of tongue. Longer the tongue will be, less pain will occur. Pain level of tongue piercing is compared with many things like biting your tongue, extraction of teeth and flu shot but tongue piercing was least on list with pain.

Tongue Piercing Healing Stages and Time

There are many factors affecting healing time of a piercing and regularity of aftercare is on top. When person take good care of piercing and regularly follow all instructions regarding aftercare, then healing time become short. Every type of tongue piercing have different healing time. But generally any tongue piercing May get heal in 2 to 4 weeks. Complete healing occurs in 8 weeks. It can extends up to months if an infection occurs. Tongue piercings are considered fastest at healing. There are less problems in healing process if proper care is provided to them.

Tongue Piercing Cost

Tongue piercing are of many types and each type have different cost. Simple tongue piercing will cost about 20$ least. Snake bite tongue piercing is considered the expensive one and will cost around 80$ to 120$. It is expensive because it involves lips. Area difference also effect cost of tongue piercing. As an elite class parlor will charge high as compare to a normal piercing parlor. So person should walk around to check rate list of tongue piercing. The average cost of tongue piercing is in the range of 20$ to 50$.

Tongue Piercing Aftercare

There are some aftercare instructions which should be followed in every type of tongue piercing:

  • Person should avoid hard meals for some days and should wash his lips and tongue properly after every meal.
  • Warm sea salt water or an anti-bacterial mouth wash is recommended for cleaning tongue.
  • Person have to avoid kissing and saliva contact with anyone.
  • Person should take soft meal and eat with small bites and sips.
  • Hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate are prohibited completely.
  • Spicy food, salty food and acidic food is also prohibited.
  • Person should avoid sharing his utensils with anyone.
Medusa piercing

Medusa piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Medusa piercing is a type of body piercing which is done above the upper lip and just below nasal septum, right in center portion. It is a grooved part which joins lips to nose. It is also known as philtrum piercing because this grooved part joining lips and nose is known as philtrum and sometimes called as Cupid’s bow. This is usually performed to better sit the labret stud on Cupid’s bow. Some people prefer medusa piercing to make their lips attractive. Mostly people do not have medusa piercing alone but with associated lower lip or nose piercing.

Medusa Piercing Jewelry

Like all other type of body piercing, there is also a vast variety of medusa piercing jewelry. Jewelry is available in all desired sizes, shapes and in every material and color. Labret stud is most commonly used as medusa piercing jewelry. Other types of medusa piercing jewelry involve balls, spikes, chains and rings. Due to huge variety of jewelry, there may be a problem in selecting right type of jewelry which suits the person. Mostly medusa piercing is done in 16 gauge or 18 gauge size. So these sizes should be preferred by person while selecting jewelry as a starter.

Medusa Piercing Pain Level and Scales

Medusa piercing is reported with lowest pain on pain scale. There is only a couple of seconds of pain during starting procedure. Medusa piercing is considered least painful in the list of other facial piercings. Several layers of skin are involved and upper grooved part of lips is rich in nerves so pain level will be high but not that much high occurred in other piercings. There will be a sharp impinging pain which disappears after 2 to 3 seconds. Pain level also vary from person to person. As, some cannot bear it and some do not feel it at all.

Medusa Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Medusa piercing involve many skin layers, so there will be many healing stages which will heal every layer one by one. Healing time depends on person immune system and health status. Normally, medusa piercing will take about 6 to 12 weeks for complete healing. Mostly people get it completely healed if they do proper care and follow the cleaning procedures. Pain and swelling which appear right after piercing, will disappear after few days and will look like healed medusa piercing. But it is fresh from inside and require proper aftercare.

Medusa Piercing Cost

Medusa or philtrum piercing requires a professional because philtrum is the sensitive area which is associated with mouth, an important part of face. Cost of medusa piercing vary from parlor to parlor. The average cost of medusa piercing varies from 40 dollars to 80 dollars in elite piercing studios. 20 dollars to 30 dollars is the cost range in average parlors. Cost also varies from area to area. As in US its cost range from 40 dollars to 85 dollars. But in United Kingdom, its cost range from 25 euros to 20 euros.

Medusa Piercing Scar

People having medusa piercing are also worried about scar occurrence. Formation of scar depends upon many factors like using gauge, an infection while healing, time of wearing jewelry and body capability of healing. Scarring may be different in different person. It may be small in size or a size of big lump. When tissue of scar get overgrow, it will turn into keloid or hypertrophic scar which do not fade easily. People use many ways to hide scar like applying skin tone liquid foundation on to it. Some people use bio oil or vitamin C cream to fade it.

Medusa Piercing Swelling

It is a normal process of swelling after medusa piercing which disappear after 1 to 2 week. People worry about reducing swelling from face as early as possible. Because they feel shame in going out like this. Swelling may occur in the form of a small bump and sometimes whole face may get swell. People wear long stud to hide swelling and take it off when swelling disappear. There are some remedies to reduce swelling: apply ice cubes on medusa piercing and surrounding swollen area and anti-inflammatory drugs should be administered to eliminate swelling.

Medusa Piercing Infection and Swelling

Sometimes swelling around medusa piercing occur due to an infection. Which occur during healing process. There may be pain. Pus discharge and sometimes bleeding along with swelling. Person may suffer from fever, irritation, itching and burning sensation. Preventive measures should be followed to avoid infection. But if, infection occurs then person should rinse his mouth with salt water (sea salt dissolved in water) bid. Person should brush regularly and gargle because it is believed that salivary touch enhances the chance of infection. Yoghurt intake will help in reduction of infection. Vitamin supplements administration is recommended.

Fake Medusa Piercing

People are fond of medusa piercing now a days and it is becoming popular day by day. People who are afraid of pain occur during medusa piercing prefer fake medusa piercing jewelry. It is a type of jewelry for fake medusa piercing which consist of 3mm or 5mm cubic zirconia jewels. These cube shaped jewelry is stick to philtrum with the help of glue. It will look like real medusa piercing but in real, it is not. Women are more attracted towards fake medusa piercing jewelry as compare to men. Because women are more afraid of pain.
Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Industrial piercing is a famous type of body piercing. Industrial piercing is known by different names in different areas like in North America it is named as industrial piercing, in UK/ Ireland it is famous as bar piercing. Scaffold piercing and construction piercing are the other two well-known names of industrial piercing. It is called industrial piercing because it connects two piercing holes together with the help of a rod shaped jewelry or we can say that it is double perforation of ear. Upper ear cartilage is the location for industrial piercing. Suicide piercing is used for vertical industrial piercing.

Industrial Piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial piercing jewelry is designed to connect two perforation in upper cartilage of ear. So jewelry selection is important during healing process and for initial time period. Usually industrial piercing are 14 gauge and during healing process, barbells are preferred as jewelry. Some people, according to their skin type, prefer captive bead rings in both piercing and then follow it by barbell jewelry after complete healing. It is believed that captive bead rings help to heal fast and it is the main reason why captive bead rings are preferred during healing process. Material of jewelry also matters a lot in healing.

Industrial Piercing Pain Level and Scale

People with industrial piercing reported that industrial piercing hurt more as compare to other conventional piercing. Painful time period is longer in industrial piercing and its soreness may persist for about 6 to 8 months. Sometimes it may extend up to 1 year. Intensity of pain totally depends on person stamina. Direction of industrial piercing i.e. diagonal or vertical piercing also matters a lot. During piercing, it hurts like a pinch but actual pain rises during changing jewelry and cleaning process. People rate it 4 to 5 on pain scale.

Industrial Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Industrial piercing healing time depends on person stamina and his immune system. Occurrence of infection also effects healing time. So, there is not any specific time for healing. People who follow all the aftercare instructions will heal faster as compare to one who neglects it. According to records, the average healing time of industrial piercing is 6 months because soreness persist for about 6 to 8 months. Healing time may vary from 3 months to 1 year. And it is all due to care which should be followed by every person.

Industrial Piercing Cost

Industrial piercing is a sensitive process and its cost vary from place to place. In a city, its rate will be higher as compare to rural area. In elite class parlor will cost round about 50 $. People should walk around and visit nearest parlor to get info about price or cost. A professional is required for this sensitive process. Cost of industrial piercing involve the cost of jewelry too. So price will vary according to material of jewelry. At starting stage, people prefer simple metallic barbells right after piercing and then can follow it by expensive jewelry.

Industrial Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare instructions for industrial piercing are the same as described for other body piercing. It mainly involves cleaning of piercing and ways to change jewelry. But there are some specific instructions regarding industrial piercing which involve:

  • There should be minimum contact of industrial piercing with water including salt water.
  • Alcohol, nicotine and aspirin intake should be reduced.
  • It is recommended to clean industrial piercing 3 to 6 times a day with sea salt solution.
  • Use of harsh soaps should be avoided, as it can cause dryness and make skin cracked.
  • Try to add few drops of antiseptic in routine cleaning water.

Industrial Piercing Infection

As piercing involve puncturing of skin so, there are increased chances of infection in open skin. Infection may be viral or bacterial. Infection may cause soreness in piercing hole, it can cause swelling around pierced area, redness, and infection can increase pain level and sometimes can cause pus discharge from piercing. All these symptoms show the presence of infection. So, a proper treatment is required for infection. Person should wash pierced area with saline solution twice a day. Harsh soaps and hydrogen peroxide is prohibited. Hands should be washed before touching pierced area.

Vertical Industrial Piercing

Vertical industrial piercing is a type of industrial piercing in which piercing is performed vertically in the ear. It is considered a variation in common industrial piercing. A long straight barbell is used as a jewelry to connect both perforations going vertically. Vertical industrial piercing is done by connecting other cartilage piercing of ear instead of involving helix and non-helix part. In some cases, helix and conch part of ear is involved in it. It is believed that vertical industrial piercing hurt more as compare to regular industrial piercing. It is also known as suicide industrial piercing.

Fake Industrial Piercing

Like industrial piercing jewelry there is also fake industrial piercing jewelry. People who are afraid of pain and swelling and soreness prefer to wear fake industrial jewelry. It will look like real but in fact it not. Fake industrial jewelry have many plus points over industrial piercing. Fake industrial piercing jewelry may include long rod like studs with clips on ends. These clips will hold ear and will show like person is having industrial piercing. Some people use glue to stick them on cartilage. It will cause no pain and there will be no infection in fake industrial jewelry.

Double Industrial Piercing

Single industrial piercing is normal but double industrial piercing is also becoming a fashion trend now a days. Double industrial piercing does not suits everyone. People with completely healed 1st industrial piercing should go for double industrial piercing. People get attracted towards it because multiple jewelry can be wear at a time. But most of the people got infection in 1st industrial piercing so, they do not prefer 2nd one. Double industrial piercing looks cool if it do not cause any complications in ear. People have to bear more pain in double industrial piercing and it most commonly seen in diagonal industrial piercing.

Industrial Piercing In Men and Women

According to research, women are more popular with at least 1 piercing in lifetime. In America, there are 72 percent women with ear piercing. Ear cartilage piercing i.e. industrial piercing is considered 3rd most popular type of body piercing. 13 percent women and 17 percent men are having ear piercing specifically industrial piercing. Men are more in number with industrial piercing as compare to women. Stretching of industrial piercing is also more common in men as compare to women. So it is concluded that men are more attracted to industrial piercing than women

Industrial Bar Piercing

Industrial bar piercing is another name of industrial piercing and is commonly used in UK and Ireland. It is named as industrial bar piercing because of jewelry used to wear. Jewelry is like a long bar which person wear in industrial piercing. Otherwise there is no other difference in industrial piercing and industrial bar piercing. The pain level and healing time is also same in both piercing. Even cost is also same. But there may difference in jewelry cost. Barbells may be more expensive as compare to captive bead rings and others jewelry types.

Industrial Piercing Keloid

As a result of infection in industrial pierced area, keloid formation may occur. Keloid is a bump like appearance on the site of piercing. It is red or purple in color and round in shape. Keloids require home treatment at 1st but if they do not get treated via home remedies then surgical removal of keloids is required. Home treatment include regular washing of pierced area with sea salt water solution, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is combined together to form a paste and apply it after every wash. Aspirin pills are also used as treatment.

Industrial Ear Piercing

Industrial piercing is a type of ear piercing. There are almost 13 different types of ear piercing. It mainly include ear lobe piercing and then ear cartilage piercing. After ear lobe piercing, it is estimated that about 13 percent of women are having industrial ear piercing. Industrial ear piercing is a sub type of ear cartilage piercing. There is also a wide variety of industrial ear jewelry. Industrial ear piercing is considered 3rd most common ear piercing after ear lobe piercing and ear cartilage piercing. Men are more in number with industrial ear piercing.
Nose piercing

Nose piercing - Jewelry, Healing, pain, Cost, Aftercare

Nose piercing is a type of body piercing which is performed on any part of nose. The main two types of nose piercing which are considered most common i.e. septum piercing and nostril piercing. Nostril piercing is common in East Pakistan including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal and in south Asia. Septum is common in west. Nose piercing is considered 2nd most common piercing after ear lobe piercing. Nose piercing is an ancient art and belongs to Indian culture and fashion. Nose piercing is mostly seen in women but now a days men are also having nose piercing.

Nose piercing - Jewelry, Healing, pain, Cost, Aftercare

Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercing is common from ancient times and so its jewelry. There is a wide variety of jewelry regarding nose piercing. It mainly include variety of nostril rings i.e. the loop, stud along with a L-bar closure or a ball closure. Stud with flat backing is also available. Circular barbells are common as septum piercing jewelry. Circular barbells are also known as horse shoe because of its specific shape. Captive bead rings also resemble circular barbells but they have beads on both ends. Clickers and septum piercing retainers are used but rarely and according to person desire.

Nose Piercing Pain Level and Scale

Nose piercing involve nostril piercing and septum piercing and these both types have different pain level. When we talk about nostril piercing, its pain level is less as compare to septum piercing. Nostril piercing is rated 1 or 2 on pain scale because it’s just like a pain breeze which disappear after a couple of seconds. But septum piercing pain persist for about 2 to 3 days. Septum piercing is rated 5 or 6 on pain scale. It is also true that pain level varies from person to person and everyone rate it according to his experience.

Nose Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Nose piercing according to its types have different healing time. Healing time is effected by various factors like skin immunity, infection and type of nose piercing. Nostril piercing will take about 4 to 6 months to heal completely and person will be lucky if it get completely heal in 3 months. It will possible only if there is no infection. Septum piercing will take about 6 to 8 weeks for healing. Septum piercing is considered fastest healing piercing. Rhino piercing will take more time to heal i.e. 6 to 9 months.

Nose Piercing Cost

Nose piercing cost varies according to type of nose piercing. Cost also varies according to area and parlor status. Elite class parlor will cost high as compare to a standard one. Different countries will charge differently. Average cost of septum piercing is 30 $ in USA but it varies from 15 $to 40 $. Nostril piercing cost usually about 30 $ to 80 $. Jewelry cost is also involved in total cost and cost of jewelry varies according to its type i.e. nose stud or ring will cost around 10 $ to 50 $.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Nose piercing is a sensitive process and require additional special care. Here are some after care instructions which should be followed regularly;

  • Piercing should be washed daily with a mild soap or cleanser.
  • Try to soak piercing in salt water (sea salt added in water)
  • A clean towel or tissue paper is required to tap dry piercing after every wash.
  • Person should avoid taking off nose piercing jewelry in 1st week.
  • Cream or ointment should be applied if recommended by piercer.
  • Routine care is required for about 1 week regularly and then should clean every 4th day.

Double Nose Piercing

Single Nose piercing is common but double nose piercing is also in trend now a days. Nostril piercing can be done on both sides i.e. left and right. 2nd piercing is only recommended after complete healing of 1st piercing. Person with weak immunity and skin disease should avoid double nose piercing. There should be an average difference of 1 year between both piercing. Double piercing is preferred because person can wear different jewelry in both piercing. Like double nostril piercing there is also double septum piercing. Mostly people wear nose ring in 1st piercing and stud in 2nd piercing.

Nose Bridge Piercing

This type of nose piercing is done on Nose Bridge i.e. between two eyes. There is a variation on Nose Bridge piercing i.e. vertical bridge piercing. It is a surface piercing with potential complications and risks. Risk involve rejection and scarring and usual complications are related to eyes like involuntary eye crossing and infections spreading to brain via sinuses. Migraine and headache is also reported in some cases. Straight barbells are used in nose bridge piercing. Curved barbells and surface bars are used initially. After complete healing of piercing, captive bead rings can be wear.

Fake Nose Piercing

People who are fond of nose piercing and afraid of pain it cause prefer fake nose piercing. People wear fake nose piercing jewelry to show off. Fake nose piercing jewelry is easily available. Nostril piercing fake jewelry include stones and studs and rings with clip. These stud and stones are fixed with glue. Septum nose piercing fake jewelry is also available. People use rings with clips as fake piercing jewelry. There is less variety available in nose bridge piercing. People wear fake piercing jewelry to cope with fashion trend.

Nose Piercing In Men and Women

Nose piercing is an ancient art which still persist in society as fashion trend. Nostril piercing is common in women but other types of piercing i.e. septum piercing and nose bridge piercing is seen in both men and women. Men like women are also interested in septum and nose bridge piercing. They get the idea from celebrities and famous actresses. Nostril piercing is only seen in women especially in east India and East Pakistan because it is included in Indian and Pakistani culture. Well septum piercing and nose bridge piercing are in western culture.

Nose Piercing Scar

Nose piercing leave scar sometimes. Scarring is most common in nose bridge piercing and least common in nostril piercing. People are worried about scarring and it may be the reason behind use of fake nose piercing jewelry. Scaring may occur due to an infection or any other injury. When healing process of piercing become slow due to any infection or skin problem it will slowly turn in to a scar. Scar may take time to disappear completely but sometimes scarring do not fade away and become a problem. People areusing liquid foundation and concealer to hide scar as the only option.

Nose Piercing Retainer

Nose piercing retainers are the type of jewelry which is used for hiding purpose. Nose piercing retainers are inexpensive and are made up of clear durable Lucite or acrylic. They are small in size and are designed with purpose to hide nose piercing. These nose retainers cannot make piercing invisible completely. Nose piercing retainers are of dual functioning i.e. it makes nose piercing invisible enough that no one can see it in 1st look and do not allow piercing to close during healing process. Nose piercing retainers are in use now a days with no. of advantages and no disadvantages.
Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing - Jewelry, Healing, Pain, Aftercare

Nipple piercing is a type of piercing which is performed on the base of nipple. Cut or hole made in nipple piercing may be in any direction but mostly it is done horizontally and often vertically. Nipple piercing is an ancient art which was preferred to wear jewelry. Now a days it is again in fashion trend especially in women society. Men are also attracted towards nipple piercing. Nipple piercing is not for show off but people have it for some personal reasons like to feel different or for some private fun with partner.

Nipple piercing - Jewelry, Healing, Pain, Aftercare

Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Nipple piercing jewelry is common now a days and easily available. Nipple piercing is divided into two main types on the basis of jewelry i.e. ring piercing and barbell piercing. Rings are mostly preferred as compared to barbells. Barbells are preferred by those who are active in sports. Nipple piercing jewelry also depends upon the size of nipple. Steel captive bead rings are considered the safest jewelry for nipple piercing. Steel barbells are also safe to wear. Jewelry with high amount of nickel should be avoided because nickel can cause infection and allergic reactions.

Nipple Piercing Pain Level and Scales

Nipple piercing is a painful process. But pain level and intensity varies person to person. Nipple piercing hurt just like a pinch. Pain sensation in nipple piercing is just like a breeze which ends in a couple of minutes. After piercing nipple do not hurt at all. Sometime people feel extreme and unbearable pain and rate it according to their experience. People rate nipple piercing pain around 2 on standard pain scale. People when think of nipple piercing they are not afraid of pain but think whether it will look cool or not.

Nipple Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Healing process of nipple piercing starts right after piercing. When nipple piercing is complete, piercer or pierce can touch it without pain because the healing process has already been started. Average time that nipple piercing take for complete healing is around 10 weeks. But will take about 6 months for complete healing. Sometimes healing process may extend up to 1 year or do not occur at all due to an infection or allergy. Healing process of nipple piercing is fast because it is covered all the time and do not move much.

Nipple Piercing Cost

Nipple piercing should be done by a trained professional. People find it expensive because of paying for nipple jewelry also. Cost list of nipple piercing vary from area to area and parlor to parlor. Elite class parlor will definitely cost high as compare to a standard one. Average price which will have to pay is around 50 bucks or 60 bucks in big cities. But it will be low in smaller towns. Cost of jewelry will also vary according to material used and size. Gold and silver jewelry will be expensive as compare to steel.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare

Nipple piercing is a sensitive process and requires proper care.

  • Piercing should be washed daily with mild antibacterial soap.
  • Try to soak pierced nipple in salt water (sea salt added in water)
  • Use a cleanser to clean nipple piercing by producing lather and moving the ring back and forth for deep cleansing.
  • Lather should be in touch with piercing and stays for a while before rinsing.
  • A clean towel or tissue should be used to clean nipple piercing after every wash. Great care is required regarding towel because towel can spread infection very fast.
  • After 4 weeks, cleaning can be done after 2 to 3 days.

Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding

Nipple piercing in breastfeeding mother can cause no evident complications in infant while lactation. Wrong piercing or re piercing can lead to blockage of ducts and cause problems in lactation. So care is required to make nipple piercing infection free. It is recommended to completely heal nipple piercing before lactation. Pregnant women should avoid nipple piercing as it can cause complications during pregnancy. Nipple pierced women is advised to take off nipple jewelry to avoid complications like poor latch, slurping, gagging and milk leaking from baby’s mouth.

Nipple Piercing In Female and Male

Nipple piercing is ancient in females but now a days it is becoming popular in men too. Women prefer nipple piercing for self-pleasure and self-expression. Men do it for the sake of fashion. Nipple plays an important role in sexual arousal during sex and nipple piercing helps it a lot. There are also some complications regarding breastfeeding in women. But men are free from all these problems. Men do it for attracting women. Karankawa a Native American men was 1st to have nipple piercing and Kabyle people were 1st ever involved in nipple piercing.

Nipple Shield Piercing

Nipple shield piercing is a jewelry which is mostly preferred by women. Nipple shields are type of jewelry which covers whole or partial areola. It consist of a shield and a long bead which holds the shield. Sometimes shield is held by suction, friction or with the help of glue and nipple piercing is also preferred. Main purpose of nipple shield piercing is to make nipple highlight, lift or for ornamenting. A kind of nipple shield named breast petal is also used with a purpose to smooth difference between nipple and breast. It covers whole nipple along with areola.

Double Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing can be performed multiple times. Double nipple piercing is famous now a days. When 1st nipple piercing is completely healed, after 6 months to 1 year, then he is allowed to have 2nd nipple piercing. Even there is specific jewelry available for double nipple piercing to make it look nice. It looks cool but double nipple piercing cause complications in lactating and pregnant women. And there are more chances of blockage of ducts in double nipple piercing. Double nipple piercing does not suits everyone. And there are increased chances of infection and scaring.

Vertical Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing in trend is horizontal nipple piercing but sometimes vertical nipple piercing is also done. Vertical or other angled nipple piercings are all done according to person demand. People want a different look with different piercing angle. But selection of vertical nipple piercing limit the jewelry options. As horizontal nipple piercing is more comfortable as compare to vertical one. There are also some problems regarding cleansing and sexual pleasure. Cleaning a vertical nipple piercing is difficult and change of nipple piercing jewelry in vertical angle is also a difficult task as compare to horizontal nipple piercing.

Inverted Nipple Piercing

Mostly people are worried and ask question like “nipple piercing can be performed on inverted nipples?” . So there is a big yes for them. Inverted nipples can have nipple piercing. In fact nipple piercing can help in correcting inverted nipples. Nipple piercing is considered a corrective strategy for nipple piercing. But there are some complications regarding breast feeding. Nipple piercing on inverted nipples lead to inappropriate breast feeding. Not only inverted nipples, it can also be done on flat and small nipples. Inverted nipples are a cosmetic problem primarily but associated with breast feeding problems.

Fake Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is a famous art now a days and in fashion trend. Many celebrities are also having nipple piercing. But there are some people who are afraid of pain occur during nipple piercing and later complications associated with it. So they prefer fake nipple piercing to attract their partner or ornament their breast. Fake nipple piercing jewelry is available easily and everywhere. These fake nipple jewelry is applied or fixed with nipple with the help of glue or tape in a way that it looks original. Women are more attracted to fake nipple piercing jewelry as compare to men.

Kendall Jenner Nipple Piercing

Kendall Jenner is a famous women celebrity having nipple piercing. Many times she wore a see through dress so that she could be a noticeable women in public. She have done this many times for the sake of popularity in media industry.

Kylie Jenner Nipple Piercing

Kylie Jenner is a famous women celebrity having double nipple piercing. She shows her double nipple piercing while shooting for a lingerie. She wore a see through lingerie and camera flash shows it all in pictures. Kylie Jenner is the sister of Kendall Jenner and copied the idea from her.

Bella Hadid Nipple Piercing

Bella hadid is another famous celebrity and a model with nipple piercing. After Kendall Jenner she also tries to capture people attention by wearing a sheer Balmain dress in the vogue Paris fashion week party. Media captures her and noticed her see through nipple piercing.

Bella Thorne Nipple Piercing

Bella Thorne is also a famous Hollywood celebrity. Like other celebrities she also have nipple piercing. She is a 19 year old actress. Goes for a night party wearing a braless see through top with prominent nipple piercing. She got everyone’s attention and media captures her.